Significance of the Viking Invasion

What was the significance of the Viking invasion of England?
The Viking defeat helped the Norman invasion to succeed.
How did the Viking invasion help the Normans?
The Viking invasion meant that Harold's army wasn't waiting on the south coast when the Normans landed in late September 1066. Unfortunately, the fyrd had already been disbanded before Harold's army marched north.
Did the Viking invasion make much difference to Harold's army at Hastings?
Although Harold had been victorious, he had lost men at both Gate Fulford and Stamford Bridge. These included the professional housecarls. As a result, he could call on fewer experienced warriors to fight against William's Norman army.
Did Edwin and Morcar fight at the Battle of Hastings after losing against the Vikings invasion?
Edwin and Morcar do not appear in the records of the Battle of Hastings. It could be that they refused - or were not in a position - to fight after their defeat, but it could also be that they just weren't mentioned.
How tired were Harold's troops after defeating the Viking invasion?
Harold's recent battle and march south must have exhausted his housecarls. However, after their great victory, morale would have been high.
Did the defeat of the Viking army make Harold overconfident?
Harold may have chosen to meet William outside London because he was over-confident after his victory over Hardrada. However, the Anglo-Saxons had been expecting the Normans for a long time.
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