The Stresa Front, 1935

What was the Stresa Front?
The Stresa Front was a coalition formed between Britain, France and Italy to oppose the foreign policy actions of Hitler. It was an agreement to resist any further attempts by Germany to change the Treaty of Versailles.
Why was the Stresa Front created?
The coalition was in response to Germany's announcement of its intention to rearm and the 'Freedom to Rearm Rally'. Britain, France and Italy hoped that the Stresa Front would prevent Hitler from any future attempts at changing the Treaty of Versailles.
When was the Stresa Front created?
It was formed in April 1935.
What were the reasons why the Stresa Front ended?
The Stresa Front was short-lived.
  • It was undermined by the Anglo-German Naval Agreement in June 1935 because by signing the agreement Britain had allowed Hitler to enlarge his navy. Therefore, Britain had undermined the Stresa Front.
  • The invasion of Abyssinia worsened Britain and France's relationship with Italy.
What was significant about the Stresa Front?
The Stresa Front was significant in the fact it was a failure. This was a real opportunity to stop Hitler's actions progressing however Britain's actions undermined this.
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