Battle of Stamford Bridge, 1066

What was the Battle of Stamford Bridge?
The Battle of Stamford Bridge was fought on 25th September, 1066, between Hardrada and Tostig's Viking invaders, and Harold Godwinson's Anglo-Saxon army.
What happened at the Battle of Stamford Bridge?
The Battle of Stamford Bridge was a victory for Harold's Anglo-Saxon army.
  • Hardrada and Tostig had demanded hostages from all over Yorkshire, and were waiting for them at Stamford Bridge.
  • Harold and his army launched a surprise attack on the Vikings from behind a small hill overlooking Stamford Bridge.
  • Hardrada and Tostig were both killed, and it was reported that only 24 Viking ships (out of the original 300) returned home.
Why did Harold win the Battle of Stamford Bridge?
Harold had several military advantages at the Battle of Stamford Bridge.
  • The Vikings had left their armour on their ships as it was a hot day, along with around a third of their men.
  • Harold took Hardrada and Tostig completely by surprise, as they had not expected him to arrive in the north so quickly.
  • Hardrada's army had recently fought a battle, and were not expecting another so soon.
  • Harold's housecarls showed endurance and skill in breaking the Viking shield wall.
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