Rebellions Against William

What were the Anglo-Saxons rebellions against the Normans?
As William attempted to establish control over England, many Anglo-Saxons weren't prepared to accept Norman rule. In several places, this discontent turned into rebellion, where the people rose up and fought against the Normans.
When were the main Anglo-Saxon rebellions against the Normans?
There were a number of Anglo-Saxon rebellions against William while he was establishing control over England in the years 1066-1071.
  • Rebellions in Kent, Northumbria, and on the Welsh border, in 1067.
  • A rebellion in Exeter in 1068. William besieged Exeter, and prevented a further outbreak by granting the rebels concessions.
  • A major rebellion in the north, led by Edwin and Morcar, in 1068.
  • A major rebellion in the north, led by Edgar Aetheling, in 1069.
  • A major rebellion in East Anglia, led by Hereward the Wake, in 1070-71.
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