Norman Education

Education in Norman England.
Almost all education was conducted by the Church and monasteries. It was not free, so most people had no access to education.
What role did the Church play in Norman education?
The Church played an important role in Norman education.
  • By 1100, all cathedrals had schools attached to them. Some had existed before the Norman Conquest.
  • Some monasteries gave lessons to poor children, who 'paid' for their education by working as servants.
  • Education did not become independent of the Church until the 14th Century, when a few secular schools were founded.
What was Norman education like for girls?
Girls from noble families received some basic education, but girls were, in general, excluded from education.
What subjects were taught in Norman education?
Education focused on the skills that boys needed for careers in the Church - Latin, music, astronomy and mathematics were the main subjects.
Was university part of Norman education?
University education started under the Normans. Oxford University had started teaching by 1096. But Oxford was the only university in England until the foundation of Cambridge in 1209.
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