What were knights in Norman England?
There were an estimated 6,000 knights in Norman England, and they were an important part of the military system in the country.
What was the status of knights in Norman England?
Knights had varying status.
  • Some were granted very little land, or might be retained by a lord as a 'household' knight.
  • Knights replaced thegns as the under-tenants to the tenants-in-chief.
  • Many knights were the local lords of the manor.
  • They held manor courts to try small disputes among their tenants.
What was the role of knights in Norman England?
Knights had a number of duties in Norman society:
  • They were expected to guard the lord's property.
  • They had to provide 40 days' military service to the king. This could be to fight in a war, or to garrison a castle in peacetime.
  • Rich or powerful knights fought for the king.
What skills did knights have in Norman England?
Knights were extremely well-trained and equipped. They trained as cavalrymen from a very young age.
How were knights used for defence in Norman England?
William needed knights for the defence of England:
  • Against the Vikings.
  • For wars in Wales and Scotland.
  • For wars in France.
  • To put down rebellions.
  • To garrison castles in order to control the local population.
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