The Hoare-Laval Pact

What was the Hoare-Laval Pact?
The Hoare-Laval Pact was a secret agreement between Britain, France and Italy during the Abyssinian Crisis.
Who was involved in the Hoare-Laval pact?
Britain and France's foreign ministers, Samuel Hoare and Pierre Laval, negotiated with Italy.
What agreements were made under the Hoare-Laval pact?
Although the pact was made in secret, the agreement was leaked to the press. The terms included:
  • Areas of Abyssinia would be given to Italy.
  • Abyssinians would lose 66% of their land and would keep only the mountainous regions, while Italy would gain the fertile farmland.
Why was the Hoare-Laval pact agreed?
Britain and France made this agreement with Italy in secret because they were fearful of an alliance between Mussolini and Hitler.
What were the results of the Hoare-Laval pact?
Information about the pact was leaked to the press and the public reaction was one of anger. Laval and Hoare were made to resign and the League's reputation was damaged beyond repair.
What was significant about the Hoare-Laval pact?
The Hoare-Laval pact was significant because of the following reasons:
  • It showed that Britain and France were willing to undermine the League to protect their own interests.
  • The League was supposed to protect smaller countries, but Italy was given the rights to Abyssinian land after its aggressive actions.
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