Definitions of Crime

What is crime?
A crime is an act considered unlawful and punishable by a government or other authority.
How is crime divided?
Criminal activity is divided into 3 different types.
  • Crimes against the person, such as murder, assault and rape.
  • Crimes against property, such as theft, robbery and smuggling.
  • Crimes against authority, such as heresy , treason and illegal protest.
What is the definition of social crime?
A social crime is an act most people don't believe is criminal and which they are prepared to commit or ignore.
What is the definition of moral crime?
Moral crimes are actions that don't physically harm anyone or their property, but which don't match society's views of decent behaviour. Examples include having sex outside marriage or not following Church rules.
What sort of crime is a felony?
A felony is a crime considered very serious by society.
What is a petty crime?
'Petty' is the name given to crimes that are seen as minor or less serious.
What is the crime of petty theft?
Petty theft is the stealing of small, low-value items.
What is the crime of treason?
Treason is an action against the government or other rulers.
What is the crime of heresy?
Heresy is the crime of going against the teachings of the Church. This was strongly enforced at certain times throughout history.
What is the crime of arson?
Arson is to deliberately set fire to a public or private building or property.
What is a crime of public disorder?
Public disorder offences occur when someone's behaviour in public causes - or may cause - distress or harassment to anyone present.
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