GCSE History by Clever Lili!

Turbocharge your history revision with our revolutionary new app! Clever Lili is here to help you ace your exams.

Alex Hak - co-creator of Clever Lili introduces the app.

Ask Lili

Ask Lili allows you to ask questions about your chosen history topic. Our intuitive guide - Lili - uses sophisticated AI to provide relevant, detailed but short answers.

Advanced visual and voice learning is the enhanced learning part of our app. All Lili’s answers to your questions will be spoken aloud as well as highlighted on-screen, so you can follow along while you are being taught.

Enhanced Learning

Quiz / Learn

Reach your target grade sooner with our Quiz and Learn feature. Review your topics with our Learn feature, a brilliant new guide through your GCSE history course. Test yourself with the Quiz feature.

Our AI tutor is designed to help you revise your topics at the right times, in the most effective ways, to give your brain the best chance of retaining information, ready for your exams.

AI Tutor

Young people reading books

Study Guides

Our team of history teachers has also devised a great set of study guides. We cover Edexcel GCSE and iGCSE, AQA, and CIE. With 44 books to choose from, you could soon be on your way to becoming the UK’s top history whizz!

Planning to study on the go? Download our app on Android or IOS. Clever Lili gives you access to more than 120,000 questions on different GCSE and IGCSE history topics wherever you are.

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Android/iOS App

Drawing of smart assistants

Smart Assistants

Ask Alexa or Google Assistant any question on your chosen topic. Whether you are studying Edexcel, AQA, or CIE, we’ve got you covered! Clever Lili provides thousands of bite-sized facts to help you pass your exams. Great for students and teachers.

Need a quick answer? Ask Lili a question on Facebook Messenger. Try it out now.

Young people walking and checking their phones